VoorTech Consulting is a technology firm offering services to small businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions and natural resource organizations. We either augment in-house staff when work loads are too great, perform complex tasks when skill levels or experience in-house is lacking or provide services to companies too small to have their own technology staff.

Our mission is to provide effective and affordable technology services.  Our services include short and long term consulting in the areas of system and network administration including server upgrades, software installation and long range planning and upgrades, and in the areas of software development, database design and development and web site design and development. We provide training as an integral part of what we do, but we are also able to specifically provide custom training on a variety of topics.   While we serve all types of organizations, we have established experience and expertise in technologies used in educational institutions and natural resource organizations.

We have over 20 years of experience in the field, allowing us to use a wide range of knowledge and experience to find the appropriate solution to technology problems and needs.

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