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Mac OS X Maverick (10.9)

Installing or updating to Mac OS X Maverick (10.9) may remove Java from your system, and Java is required to run MeasureJ2X. If this is your case, download and install Apple's Java release [1].

The history behind this issue is that prior to OS X 10.9, Apple bundled Java with their OS. They developed and maintained Java for the Mac platform up through Java V6. Now development of Java for the Mac is in the hands of Oracle, and it has become unbundled from the OS. Oracle has picked up that task with the release of Java V7 (for Mac OS X). MeasureJ2X has been tested through Java V6 so you need Apple's Java V6 distribution to run the program, and not Oracle's Java V7 distribution. We will test and release a version that is compatible with Java V7 at some point in the future.