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MeasureJ2X Documentation


The following are the latest versions of documentation for the MeasureJ2X program. All distributions install these documents in the 'doc' directory of your installation. The date of the last modification is given in the header of the document. You may update your documentation by using your browser's File, Save menu item, and saving to the same location as your local installation.

MeasureJ2X Documents

  • Installation Guide - Full instructions for installation and proper configuration and setup of the measuring system and the program.  This is absolutely necessary to get things working properly.  You probably will want to print this out and have it handy while you are installing.

  • User's Guide - Short, concise, but what you need to know to use the program. Description of the menu items, including how file open, append and save works. Step by step common measuring scenarios.

  • License - The terms of the MeasureJ2X program license (this *is* licensed software).



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