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MeasureJ2X Multiple Subscription Pricing

The MeasureJ2X program is available by subscribing to ProjectJ2X, which entitles the subscriber to a copy of the MeasureJ2X program, technical support and upgrades. A single subscription provides a license to run the MeasureJ2X program on a single computer with a connected measuring device.

Multiple licenses for the MeasureJ2X program are required when additional computers and measuring devices will be set up, as in a lab situation.  Discounted subscriptions are available in these cases, with pricing as outlined below. Discounted subscriptions require a single point of contact for the group of licenses.

# of Subscriptions/Licenses Cost per Subscription
1 $180 USD
2-5 $150 USD
6-10 $125 USD
> 10 contact us

Technical support for a discounted group of licenese is provided to the point of contact for the group of licenses or a single designated technical contact.

More Information

More information about multiple subscription can be obtained by contacting us directly at