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MeasureJ2X Information and Requirements

The MeasureJ2X program is a full featured software program for measuring tree rings. The program enables capture of measurements from a variety of measuring stage/encoder/digital readout units and has features for creating measurements of new series or editing existing series. The editing capabilities include being able to append, insert or delete measurements from a series and shift a series forwards or backwards in time.

The program reads and writes files of series in the "decadal" format, allowing its output to be used with analysis programs available from the Dendrochronology Program Library (DPL) and in the "csv" (comma separated values) format, allowing the output to be read directly into spreadsheet programs for quick review and graphing.  

Hardware Requirements

The program runs on a PC, Mac or Unix/Linux computer with a connected measuring stage/linear encoder/digital readout unit connected to the computer via a serial or USB port. To run on other platforms or for questions about a specific hardware configuration, contact us directly at

2.1. PC/Windows requirements

The program requires a PC running any of the Windows versions beginning with Win98 or later including WinXP, Windows 7,  8,  8.1, or 10. There are no additional memory requirements beyond those required to run the operating system. Approximately 75Mb of disk space is needed for the installation.

The PC must have a communications port of one of the following types:

  • RS-232 serial port (i.e. COM1 or COM2)
  • USB port with a RS-232 serial converter such as those made by Tripp Lite (KeySpan Part #USA-19HS).

To run the program on other versions of the Windows operating system (earlier versions or later versions), please contact us at

2.1.2. PC/Linux requirements

The program will run on any of a variety of Linux/Unix distributions with Java 1.5 or 1.6 already installed (typically available through the distribution's native software packaging and distribution system). The computer must meet the same requirements for a communication port as those listed above in PC/Windows requirements (ie have a serial port or a USB port with a USB-serial converter).

2.2. Mac requirements

The program requires a Macintosh running OS X V10.4 or later with Java updates installed. To get the latest Java updates, run Software Update on the Mac (System Preferences, Software Update) and install any Java updates that are available for your version of OS X. Minimal disk space is needed for the installation (approximately 2Mb).

The Mac must have a serial communications port of one of the following types:

  • Mac: RS-422 serial port (usually Modem Port or Printer Port )
  • USB port with a RS-232 serial converter such as those made by Tripp Lite (KeySpan Part #USA-19HS). If running under Mac OS X, the serial converter must provide native Mac OS X support and drivers.

To run the program on previous versions of the Mac OS (System 7,8 or 9 or OS X V 10.3 or earlier) please contact us at

2.3. Measuring system requirements

A measuring system consists of a measuring stage, a linear encoder and a digital readout  (DRO) or similar device. The MeasureJ2X software interacts with the digital readout. The following digital readouts are currently supported:

    • Velmex VRO
    • Heidenhahn ND1001
    • Metronics (Quick-Chek 1000 or 1100, Quadra Chek 10 or 10-V)
    • Boeckler
    • Acu-Rite
    • Measucron
    • Sony

Other digital readout units can be supported by plug in modules. Please contact us at to inquire about support for a particular digital readout.

There are various suppliers of measuring systems, but a system such as those supplied by Velmex, Inc. have the above components, including a supported digital readout.


The program is available by subscribing to ProjectJ2X. A subscription to ProjectJ2X entitles the subscriber to a copy of the MeasureJ2X program, technical support and upgrades. A single subscription costs $180, with discounts available for multiple subscriptions. To obtain more information about ProjectJ2X or to subscribe, go to the ProjectJ2X web site:

MeasureJ2X has been developed by VoorTech Consulting through support from the dendroecological community.