MEASUREJ2X Release Version

Welcome to MeasureJ2X, the tree ring measuring program!

Please read through the following before proceeding with installation.

Pre Installation 

Review the hardware requirements in Section 2. of the Installation Guide (web site version) or (local version - on CD or after unzipping files).

Electronic distributions (only)

1.  Download the distribution file (typically something like '') using the instructions you were given.

2. Uncompress the distribution file.  

2a. For PC's and Mac's, unzip the distribution file in a temporary location on your hard drive (i.e. on your Desktop or in a temporary folder such as C:\Tmp\measureJ2X)

2b. For Linux, expand the contents using the 'tar' command to the location where you wish to have the program installed. For example:

    mkdir /usr/local/MeasureJ2X

    cd /usr/local/MeasureJ2X

    tar xzf /tmp/mj2xV42linux.tar.gz

Setup and Configuration

1.  Run the installer 'install.exe' (PC) or 'install.pkg' (Mac) or '' (Linux) found in the directory that you uncompressed the files to or on the CD in the directory for your platform (\pc or \mac or \linux).

2. After running the installer, refer to the Installation Guide (web site version) or (local version) and follow the installation instructions completely.   This is important to ensure that MeasureJ2X will properly communicate with your measuring system hardware:


Post Installation

After installation, consult the User Guide for information on using the program. It is found in the 'measureJ2X\docs' directory of the installation, or by running the program (double click on the icon created during installation) by using the Help, User Guide menu item. This guide contains step-by-step instructions for some of the more common measuring scenarios and explanations of menu items. Please be sure to understand the File, Open and File, Save menu items and AutoSave, Append and Overwrite options before beginning measurement of important data.

A file called 'test.raw' is installed in the top-level directory. The data in this file can be read in using the File, Open menu item and used to explore many of the program features without requiring a measuring stage to be connected. The files 'ewlwTest.rwl', 'ewlwTest.ewl', 'ewlwTest.lwr' are also available for testing of earlywood/latewood features.

The MeasureJ2X documents which are found locally in the docs directory after installation are also available on-line at the ProjectJ2X web site.   The web site always contains the latest and greatest versions so please always check the web site for possible updates from your distribution:

If you are not already familiar with the licensing agreement for MeasureJ2X, please review the license terms found in the license file.  The licensing terms are part of  ProjectJ2X, under which the software was developed.


Other Notes

If you have questions, you may contact us at

More information about the MeasureJ2X program can be found at the ProjectJ2X web site.

MeasureJ2X has been developed under ProjectJ2X, through support from the Dendroecological community. It is software that will exist only through continued support from the community.  Please feel a part of the process and make comments and suggestions on any aspect of the MeasureJ2X program or ProjectJ2X.  We want to hear from you!


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