Welcome to Project J2X!

ProjectJ2X was formed to provide a mechanism for the tree ring community to support the development of tree ring software useful to tree ring research. It is a tree ring community supported effort.

Since forming, the project has supported the development of MeasureJ2X, a tree ring measuring program. It is a multi-platform, fully graphical program providing support for capturing and editing tree ring measurements.

The software developed under ProjectJ2X is available to subscribers to ProjectJ2X. Subscriptions to ProjectJ2X provide financial support for the project towards further software development for the tree ring community and support for the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek.

Latest News:

Jan 23, 2014  We have released our latest version (V5.0)! New features include support for new measuring systems/digital readouts, keyboard/mouse control of measuring, 'csv' output files for direct import into spreadsheets and other enhancements (more information). The new version can be downloaded by subscribers from the 'Downloads' page.

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