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ProjectJ2X Download Area


This area contains files and documents relating to software developed under ProjectJ2X including those for MeasureJ2X, the tree ring measuring program.

You need to subscribe to ProjectJ2X in order to obtain the full installation for MeasureJ2X. If you are interested in subscribing please visit the Subscriptions page for more information.

If you are interested in evaluating the MeasureJ2X program before subscribing, we offer a downloadable evaluation version of the program. Please visit the Evaluation Copy Info page for more information.

MeasureJ2X Downloads 

These links are for downloading the latest version of MeasureJ2X which includes the ability to measure early-wood/late-wood series. More information on the features of the various versions are available here.

Access to downloads requires a paid subscription.

MeasureJ2X Version 5.03

This is the latest version of MeasureJ2X. A minor release which adds arrow-key controls for the 'Read' and 'Zero' buttons making it easier to control the program while looking through a microscope.

README file - Instructions for downloading and installing..

MeasureJ2X V5.03.6 program and documentation (PC version) Packaged with Java 6.

MeasureJ2X V5.03 program and documentation (Mac version) Requires Java 6 or later installed. Latest version of Java available from Oracle here or Apple Java 6 available here.

For Linux versions, please contact us by email.



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