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  Project J2X Terms of Subscription    

Software developed under ProjectJ2X is available via a subscription program. A subscription provides financial support for further software development and entitles the subscriber to a single CPU license for the software developed under ProjectJ2X:

  • MeasureJ2X

All receipts from subscriptions will be used towards further software development or to support the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek, a volunteer educational program held each year in the North America open to all students of dendrochronology.


The subscription fee for a single subscription is US$180. Discounts are available for multiple subscriptions running at a single location.

Subscription is made by filling out the accompanying subscription form and providing payment. The appropriate box must be checked on the form agreeing to the terms of the subscription and the designated use of funds received as described above. Several subscription and payment options are available and are described on the form.

For multiple subscriptions, please use the 'Email Invoice' option in the 'Payment section' and indicate the number of subscriptions and whether you wish to pay via credit card in the 'Special Instructions' box.

To subscribe, proceed to the subscription form.


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