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The following subscription form must be submitted for all subscriptions.

The subscription fee is $180 US. We accept payment in the form of check or money order payable to 'VoorTech Consulting', University or government PO or credit card. There is a $20 handling fee for domestic credit card orders. For international orders, there is a $30 international shipping and handling fee.

The MeasureJ2X software is made available upon receipt of payment. We greatly prefer to make the software available electronically via download from the web site, keeping costs down and upgrades simpler, but CD's are available. There is an additional $20 charge for CD's on non credit card orders.

Step 1. Fill out subscription form.

Step 2. Submit subscription form. This may be done electronically by clicking on the 'Submit Subscription' button or surface mailed directly to the address given at the bottom of the form. Acknowledgement of the receipt of an electronically submitted subscription will be made immediately.

Step 3. Arrange payment for your subscription.

Upon submission of the subscription form, an invoice will be sent via the method indicated in the Invoice Information section. Payment on the invoice can be made by sending check, money order or copy of the PO via surface mailed to the address given at the bottom of the form. We can also accept a faxed copy of the PO. Your subscription will be processed when we receive payment or faxed copy of the PO.

Upon submission of the subscription form, you will be provided with a 'Pay Now' button which will allow you to proceed with submitting your credit card payment information. Upon completion of the credit card payment process you will be redirected back to our website and provided with a download link. Additional processing of your subscription will occur when we receive confirmation of your credit card payment (usually occurs within a few minutes of submitting your credit card payment, but sometimes can be delayed up to 12-24 hours).

If mailing the subscription form print the form using the browser's Print button and mail with accompanying payment of check or money order or copy of PO.

Processing time for subscriptions is 2-5 business days within receipt of a subscription form and accompany payment.

Please contact us if you have any questions either via email to or calling us at (603) 968-7619.

Subscriber Information    
Please provide the contact information for the person who will manage the subscription and who will be using the MeasureJ2X software or managing the person using the software. This person will be entitled to receive technical support or may designate a person to receive technical support.

*First Name:

*Last Name:

Title (optional):


Address 1:


Address 2:


Address 3:











* I agree to the Terms of Subscription as described which entitle me to a copy of the tree ring measuring program (MeasureJ2X) as developed under Project J2X and agree that any income generated from future subscriptions to Project J2X that is not otherwise designated for further software development of the MeasureJ2X program will go to the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek.

System Profile      

Please describe the target computer system to be used with the measuring program:





32bit 64bit


Intel  PowerPC 32-bit (G3, G4, G5)   Other:


Amount of installed memory: Gb 
Operating System


Win10 Win8 Win7 WinVista WinXP or earlier  


OS X   System 9   System 8   System 7
OS X or System 7,8,9 version:
Ubuntu Debian RedHat Other:  

Measuring System Digital Readout

  Please note: The MeasureJ2X program communicates only with the Digital Readout portion of the measuring system (not to be confused with the brand of encoder on the measuring stage).
Velmex VRO
ND1001, Metronics QC10-V, QC1000 or QC1100
Boeckeler Microcode II 
Acurite III (Master G)
H. Kutshenritter MeasuChron

Payment Information

Please indicate your payment option. If requesting an invoice by surface mail, the invoice will be sent to the address given above. If paying by wire transfer, bank information will be provided upon confirmation of your subscription.
  Credit card        
  Email invoice        
Surface mail invoice
  Wire Transfer        
None - updating subscriber contact information only
Billing Information (if different than Subscriber Information above)

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Last Name:


Address 1:

Address 2:

Address 3:






Additional Information

Software Distribution
  CD ROM distribution ($20 additional handling charge for non credit card orders)
   Unless otherwise indicated, the MeasureJ2X software is distributed electronically by download from the web site. As noted above, we greatly prefer electronic distribution as it keeps costs down, but indicate below if you wish to receive the software on CD ROM.
Evaluation Information
  Evaluation version installed.        
Please indicate if you have already successfully installed an evaluation version of the program.
Additional Subscription
Additional subscription
Please indicate if you already have a subscription and you are subscribing for an additional license.

Special Instructions

Please indicate any further information regarding your subscription. We can usually accommodate faster subscription processing if needed.



Subscription Address:

VoorTech Consulting
Project J2X
362 E. Holderness Road
Holderness, NH 03245

Phone/Fax: (603) 968-7619