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  A Brief History of Project J2X    
The idea for forming Project J2X started with the desire to provide a funding mechanism to enable development a new version of the Tree Ring Measuring Program. It also seemed that the project could serve as a proving grounds for new ideas in software development that might have the potential for providing long term, platform independent solutions that would meet the diverse needs of the tree ring community. The name, ProjectJ2X, reflects these underlying ideas:
  • J is for Java
  • 2X is for PC and Mac Cross Platform development

    Java is a programming language that currently has the best potential for cross platform development. Developing a new version of the "PJK" tree ring measuring programs using Java has allowed for creating a single tree ring measuring program, with a graphical user interface, that runs on both Macintosh and PC platforms.

    Project J2X Goals  
  The primary goal for ProjectJ2X has been to release the new version of the tree ring measuring program, MeasureJ2X. To the extent that it is supported by the community, further enhancements and support will be provided for the program.

An additional goal for the project has been to develop experience in using Java and to assess its ability to provide GUI-based, cross-platform compatible software solutions. Also being assessed is its ability to extend program features using modules that are developed and supported by members of the tree ring community. This type of software development is similar to the "Open Source" idea currently being embraced by the software and computer industries and being used extensively in the development of the Linux operating system.

Longer term goals for the project are to develop further software programs for the community. Here is one description of what the future might be for software programs used by the community and how Project J2x might help shape that future.

The extent to which these future goals are reached will depend on the amount of support for ProjectJ2X. MeasureJ2X has been a successful first goal with many people in the tree ring community already using it for measuring tree rings.

  Getting Involved in Project J2x    
The primary way to get involved and provide support for ProjectJ2X is by becoming a subscriber.

Another way to get involved is to become a tester for early program releases. The type of testing needed depends on the current status of program development but usually involves installing and running the software and is best done by people comfortable with computers and tree rings. There is not currently any testing going on, but when there is a need, information is listed here on how to become involved.

If you have an interest in software development, there may be a need for software developers as ProjectJ2X evolves. The ability for Java to allow features of programs to be extended through individual modules is still being assessed. If the concept proves to be viable for use with programs developed under ProjectJ2X, there will be a need for people to take lead roles in developing specific program modules.


Project J2X Software Rights & Ownership


The current policy is that software developed under ProjectJ2X is owned by ProjectJ2X and is available only by paid subscription to ProjectJ2X.

All subscriptions to the project have been received with the restriction that they be used either to offset the cost of software development or to support the North American Dendroecological Fieldweek.

ProjectJ2X was established to provide a funding mechanism to develop an updated version of the Tree Ring Measuring Program and spread the burden of developing and supporting the software across the tree ring community. In that respect, the ProjectJ2X subscribers are ultimately responsible for determining what the distribution and ownership parameters for the software are.


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