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  Software Availability    
MeasureJ2X is tree ring measuring software package that has been developed under ProjectJ2X. It was initially released on July 16, 1999 and is currently available to subscribers to ProjectJ2X.

The program runs on both PC and Mac platforms. A full description of the program and the hardware requirements can be found here and a sample of the program interface is here.

  Current ProjectJ2X Efforts
(updated 10/30/2007)
  Since the release of the MeasureJ2X program in July, 1999, subscribers to ProjectJ2X have continued to join and support the development and maintenance of the MeasureJ2X software. Thanks to everyone who has supported the effort to date!

With this support, the MeasureJ2X program has been updated several times, incorporating requested features and user suggestions. The program continues to keep pace with both new operating systems (i.e. Windows Vista and Mac OS X) and new measuring systems (i.e. Metronics Quadra-Chek 10). Internal improvements have also been made, modularizing the code and allow for plug in module support for virtually any brand of measuring system that communicates via a standard RS-232 serial port or USB port. Anyone interested in support for a particular measuring system. can contact us directly at projectj2x@voortech.com

In July, 2007 a major upgrade to the program was released, adding support for measurement of earlywood/latewood series, support for the extended id field, support for reading files containing metadata, integrating the help files, adding an autosave mode and making several minor enhancements. This release finally moved to Java 2 allowing the program to run natively under Mac OS X.

  Future Upgrades and Features Planned      
In the near future we will be enhancing some of the new features added to the program in the July release.  These are mostly in response to user suggestions:
  • adding option for initial measurement prompt
  • modifying behaviour of earlywood/latewood prompts to allow measuring to skip cracks
  • enhancing the 'manual measurement' mode
  • making direct edit mode the default for all series types

We have received many good suggestions from subscribers but are always interested in more. They guide our development priorities. If you have any of your own, please email us at projectj2x@voortech.com.


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