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MeasureJ2X Evaluation Copy Information


Evaluation copies of MeasureJ2X are available upon request. The evaluation version of the program runs with or without a measuring system and allows exploring the features of the program. A measuring system is required in order to evaluate the portion of the program that captures measurement.

Hardware requirements are the same as for the full version. Please review these requirements in Information on MeasureJ2X before obtaining or installing an evaluation version.

The evaluation version is the full program with the File, Save feature disabled. Once the evaluation version is installed, an upgrade package can be obtained which upgrades the installation to a licensed copy of the software with all features enabled. There is no 2nd installation or additional disk space required.

If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation copy, please send email to projectj2x@voortech.com.

If you would prefer to subscribe for a fully functional version of the program immediately, please visit the Subscriptions page.



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