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MeasureJ2X Release Info


The MeasureJ2X runs on a PC, Mac or Unix/Linux computer with a connected measuring stage/linear encoder/digital readout unit connected to the computer via a serial or USB port.

The latest version is Version 5.03. We are currently working on a new release which will support 64bit platforms natively.

Version 5.03 was released in July, 2017. It adds arrow-key controls for the 'Read' and 'Zero' buttons making it easier to control the program without looking (and remain looking through a microscope).  

Version 5.02 was released in May, 2017. It is a minor release which fixes a long standing problem with registration failing to validate after an operating system upgrade.

Version 5.01 was released in August, 2016. It is a minor release which fixes the "ERROR in data received: a" message when using the 'Read' button with the Metronics QC1000 digital readouts.

Version 5.0 was released in September, 2013 and has the following new features:

  • additional File, Save format for 'csv' (comma separated values) format that can be read directly in Excel or other spreadsheet applications (useful for quick plotting and data checking)
  • ability to use mouse/keyboard input to control the measuring system/digital readout for zeroing and reading measurements
  • support for new measuring system/Velmex VRO digital readout
  • support for new 'incremental mode' measuring
  • fix for ew/lw measuring in 'LYOG' modes where LW measurement is read first
  • fix for problem with non-english PC settings and number format
  • general enhancements to the user interface

Features of earlier versions are described in the release notes.

The PC version will run on any Windows versions.

The Mac version requires Mac OS X V10.4 or later with Java installed.

For a full description of hardware requirements, please refer to the latest documents:

For further information, please contact us at projectj2x@voortech.com

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