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MeasureJ2X Technical Support Information


Please first consult the Installation Guide and User Guide before contacting us as your issue or question might be covered there.

Please also check the MeasureJ2X Wiki which may contain more up to date information and covers common technical support questions and issues about certain versions or setups. It also contains other user's comments, or we encourage you to add your own and share your experiences with other users.

Direct technical support is provided to all subscribers to ProjectJ2X. The best way to contact us is by sending email to projectj2x@voortech.com.

Technical support requests should come from the subscriber from the email address used when subscribing.

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible, and include the type of computer, the operating system and version and the version of MeasureJ2X. If you have received an error message from MeasureJ2X, please include the exact text of the error message. Screen shots are the most useful form of a problem description so if at possible, please provide a screen shot of any error messages, and screens leading up to the error message.

We typically respond to technical support emails within 1-2 business days.

Subscribers may designate someone else as a technical contact. To authorize someone else, we must receive email from the subscriber with the name and email address of the person they are authorizing. Please note that we will not provide download or registration information to technical contacts. It is our policy to provide that information to subscribers only. Also please note that we do not provide registration keys via email.  If you need a replacement registration key, please use the links to 'Registration Keys'.



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