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  MeasureJ2X Registration Key Replacement    

Registration keys for the MeasureJ2X software are sent via surface mail at the time of subscription to the subscriber address given on the subscription form. They are included in a introductory packet of information which typically includes a cover letter, license terms, and a packing slip.  They are printed on 8 1/2 x 11" parchment paper. There is a fee for replacement.

  Replacement process    

The replacement fee is USD $50. Requests for a replacement can be made only by persons already subscribed to ProjectJ2X and must be made using the same name and email address that was used when originally subscribing to ProjectJ2X. Requests for a replacement are made by filling out the accompanying request form and providing payment. Once payment has been received, a replacement key will be sent via surface mail to the address originally given on the subscription form.

To request a replacement, proceed to the replacement request form.


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