Software Design and Development

Whether you are looking to automate a task using software you already own, are looking for ways to automate a set of tasks and are not sure how to do that or you are looking to develop a complete application to meet your specific needs, we are able to provide design and implementation services for custom software modules and applications.

We provide full design, test and implementation services using industry standard techniques. We will begin by listening to your problem or need, design a solution that fits with the way you do business, and implement it, allowing refinement and testing along the way.

We have programming expertise in a range of programming languages and will choose the appropriate language for the job. We have experience with structured programming languages including C, C++, Fortran, Basic, Visual Basic, scripting languages including Perl, PHP, JavaScript and proprietary languages such as those used in MatLab and Mathematica. We are familiar with integrated development environments such as NetBeans and Eclipse and make use of the standard Model/View/Controller design pattern of development.

Internet and Web Site Services

If you are wishing you had a better website for your organization or business, or just wish that you had a web site,we can help. We are able to work with you to design and develop a website, or add interactive features to your website.

We have extensive experience with using data stored in backend databases to make websites more interactive and using data to create a website more refined and reflective of your mission. We have extensive experience with Internet technologies including HTML, Apache, MySql, PHP, (LAMP), J2EE, JSP and with databases including MySQL and SQL Server and database access technologies including ODBC and JDBC.

Database Development

If you have a growing collection of files that hold valuable data that your organization depends on, but are feeling like it is more like a plate of spaghetti than anything else and can’t use it quite the way you want to, it might be time to develop a database. A database can better organize your data, allow you ways to answer far more complex questions using that data, and safeguard it.

We can recommend an appropriate database technology, install and administer a database server or recommend a place to host your database, provide scripts and programs that allow you to interact with your data the way you need to and train you to use it.  If you choose to pair the development of a database with additional web site services your database can also be further utilized to drive your website, whether creating a new website or just wishing to enhance an existing one with more customized and interactive elements.

We have experience with designing and implementing databases using Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL and using the query languages and their related components including SQL, Visual Basic, Jet DML/Access DAO. We also have experience installing and administering database servers and utilizing database administration tools such as phpMyAdmin.

System and Network Administration

We provide system and network administration services, typically in the context of a long term contract with an organization. We do not believe that “one size fits all” for meeting an organization’s technology needs. We specialize in meeting technology needs by having a long term relationship with an organization, understanding the way business is done within the organization, understanding the skills and abilities of the staff and providing recommendations based on what we believe will work for that particular organization and its staff. We believe we are unique in having a broad range of experience and through that, familiarity with a range of solutions, which allows us to provide solutions that are customized to an organization. Training is an integral part of our services, based on the belief that small organizations need to be somewhat self sufficient in order to stay viable.

If you are interested in a long term relationship with a technology firm and want someone who can maintain your existing network of workstations, or wish you actually had network of workstations we can provide system and network administration services for Windows, Mac and Linux based workstations, servers and networks, we may be a good fit for your organization. We can solve existing problems, install software applications, setup backup systems and servers, better integrate your existing equipment, make recommendations and upgrade or enhance what you have and get it working for you.

We have experience with all flavors of Windows desktop workstations (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, …), Windows Server (Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000) and Linux desktop and server operating systems (Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, …). We also have extensive experience with wired and wireless TCP/IP networks and the related protocols, and network switches, hubs and wireless access points.

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